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Nessa Barry of Europe & UK-based Healthcare IT News reported on the massive shifts in the public’s perception of digital health and care. Barry reports that the global response to COVID-19 had made for a positive attitudinal shift in digital health due to messages that adoption of digital health tools, including telehealth, can protect the patient, the provider, and those in the community who are most vulnerable.

Adoption of digital health tools has been increasing due to the use of such tools to buffer the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health care delivery.

The Healthcare IT News article highlights the importance of using remote health monitoring to decrease in-person visits, therefore limiting COVID-19 transmission without sacrificing health care delivery. The article also reported that some countries, such as Scotland, have higher rates of adoption and compliance to digital health tools by citizens.

A common factor appears to be public governmental support, affirmation, and validation of digital health tools to its citizens when navigating their National Health websites or helplines.

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