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Telehealth functions & considerations in preventing & treating addiction during COVID-19

Updated: Oct 1

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) stated their support for the use of telehealth for addiction prevention and treatment services during COVID-19, citing the following functions in particular:

  • Lowering exposure rates and protecting the medically vulnerable.

  • Safely treating individuals infected with COVID-19.

  • Monitoring patients remotely and maintaining client-patient engagement.

ASAM provided many considerations for implementing telehealth. Highlights include:

  • Creating protocols in case technology fails, or clients need higher levels of care (e.g. consult with other providers, backup technology).

  • Checking in with patients before and/or after telehealth visits to find out where they may have struggled with digital communication and bridge any gaps that exist.

  • Check with a malpractice insurance carrier to ensure that policy covers providing telemedicine.

  • For in-person appointments, the use of digital technologies to screen clients for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival.

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