Telehealth can shield patients against the effects of mental health stigma

The American Psychological Association (APA) provided an overview of the benefits of telepsychology in a recent issue of Monitor on Psychology (Vol. 51, No 5), authored by Zara Greenbaum. In addition to common barriers against seeking services (i.e. lack of transportation, health care coverage, local providers, and financial means), the APA pointed out that the stigma surrounding mental health is keeping many Americans from seeking the mental health services they need.

The APA emphasized that telehealth has been buffering some of the effects of stigma on help-seeking. Specifically, telehealth provides people who have internalized negative messages about mental health, with options for seeking services for the first time with complete privacy and without going to a physical office. The APA also cited research that shows similar effectiveness between in-person and digital health psychotherapy across numerous presenting concerns and client populations.

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