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Expand your virtual waiting room

Updated: May 2

A smarter mental health solution that empowers you and your patients to engage remotely - FREE during COVID-19

If your patient visits were in person, you would have the ability to share resources and tangible handouts that they can read, or follow-up on between visits.Add media to your posts

Rose is a HIPAA-compliant, patient engagement platform specifically designed to connect mental health professionals with patients in between visits.

As a service to the public, Rose will be offering its suite of services for free starting immediately.

Providers can guide patient care virtually and get real-time health metrics via clinical dashboards
Patients can continue to make progress and monitor their mental health remotely without coming into clinics
Receive up-to-date, credible information and support on both COVID-19 and ongoing mental health needs 

Rose tackles COVID-19 for patients

  • Stay connected with provider and continue care remotely

  • Receive up-to-date, reliable information and support  

  • Have access to self-care insights and coping mechanisms

  • Go through guided breathing exercises and meditation sessions 

  • Empowerment to learn COVID-19 facts vs. myths from credible sources

Rose reduces COVID-19 burden for providers

  • Engage patient care remotely and get real-time health metrics

  • Utilize remote monitoring of mental health through validated assessments (PHQ-9 & GAD-7)

  • Receive 2-way feedback mechanism from patients built into the mobile app

  • Get real-time notification on patient health status and identify patients in need

  • Optimize care management resources



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