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CPT Codes for Remote Therapy

A New Age for Mental Health Care

Learn how a new technology and CPT codes can help you capture your time between telehealth visits for reimbursement

In the setting of COVID-19, mental health providers around the country have rapidly transitioned to remote visits.

Whether through telephone calls or video visits, this new workflow will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Using Rose and the right CPT codes, Medicare reimbursement is right around the corner.

For providers, Rose is an administrative platform that enables the documentation of billable time.

Among our many unique features that set us apart from other applications, our platform allows for seamless tracking of time so that you can get appropriately reimbursed through Medicare.

In response to this public health crisis, we are offering our suite of services for free. 

Provide the best care for your patients

Keep an intimate connection with patients remotely.

We offer a HIPAA-compliant platform that allows continuation of feedback-informed care, self-help recommendations, and a clear clinical picture despite the physical distance.



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