Integrate feedback informed care into your primary care practice or mental health clinic. 

It’s Simple.


  • Direct your patients to the Rose App via text or email

  • Gain insight from daily monitoring and journaling 

  • Schedule appointments & assign educational resources  

  • COMING SOON:  HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing


  • Review and monitor patient data collected from Rose App 

  • Schedule standardized clinical assessments (Depression, Mood Disorders, Sleep, Pain etc.)

  • Assess effectiveness of treatment plans at patient and population level

  • Real-time updates to stratify patients at risk or requiring intervention

Get Reimbursed.

  • Increase practice revenue through Remote Patient Monitoring CPT Codes

  • Monitor and manage treatment plans between visits 

  • Deliver care remotely and extend care into rural areas

  • HIPAA-compliant collaborative care delivery platform

Patient Satisfaction.

  • In collaboration with Johns Hopkins thought leaders in mental health and mindfulness, augment the care you deliver through Rose.

  • Thoughtfully curated educational resources 

  • Increase compliance with treatment plan

  • Improve outcomes in depression and anxiety symptoms

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