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Rose is a HIPAA-compliant digital platform for remote-patient monitoring that easily integrates into your existing workflow.

The Path to Rose

Rose was designed to reduce the workload of each member of your practice (e.g. nurses, medical assistants, admin support, practice billers) while improving your patients’ mental health care and generating additional revenue through specialized CPT codes.

Sign up for your account at
Access your Rose Panel and unique verification pin
Invite your patients to ROSE via text or email through your Panel
Patients download the ROSE app and log in using your unique pin
You and your patients engage with ROSE to improve patient mental health outcomes

Why Rose?

1 in 5 Americans live with some form of a mental health condition

Providers do not have enough time to adequately treat and diagnose mental health conditions

Opportunity for RPM reimbursement in mental health

Connect - Measure - Get reimbursed


Avg. patient panel for one clinician


Avg. monthly reimbursement revenue for clinician


Patients using ROSE monthly for RPM


Clinician recurring reimbursement revenue per month

Rose key offering

HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Easy to set up Simple to use Driven by sophisticated technology

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Virtual touchpoints and support no matter where a patient is located

Virtual Care Teams

Enhance your practice and

in-person therapy sessions in your own way through a safe and secure platform.

Who's Talking About Us


COVID-19 has increased the need for mental health care, over half of PCP patients are experiencing a mental health problem. There’s a large lack of mental health providers, so PCPs are asked to fill that gap. 

Proof of Concept Study Results

Phase 1 Study: Adherence Of Using Rose Among Patients With Depression Adam, A. et. al., JMIR (2020)


of participants used the Rose app every single day during the 5-week IRB study

of participants completed all PHQ-9 and GAD-7 in-app scales



Improved with their depression scores 
from severe depression to mild to moderate depression

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We are a complete evidence-based mental health package for patients, providers, and payors. 




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