Rose: Smarter Mental Health 

We think differently about the way mental healthcare can be delivered -

because we know that what happens between visits matters to you and your patients.

Rose connects providers and patients to measure and improve mental health outcomes, 

and captures reimbursable time too.


Here is how it works:

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a subcategory of telehealth that empowers patients to use mobile technology devices to capture patient-generated health data outside of a traditional health care environment and send it back to healthcare professionals.

Rose is a HIPAA-compliant remote-patient monitoring platform

  •    On Day 1: Your practice is eligible for incremental reimbursement

  • Direct your patient to use the Rose digital mental health monitoring platform

  • Your patients get access to psychoeducational resources from experts and credible sources

  • Providers can send and schedule gold-standard assessments like PHQ9 and GAD7 to track trends over time   

Get Reimbursed

  • Capture patient-generated mental health data and engagement

  • Track clinical team’s time spent remotely  assessing, monitoring and delivering care

  • Provide the practice biller information needed for CPT code submission to support increased billing and reimbursement

Excellent Engagement 

Participants used the Rose app every single day during the 5-week IRB study


Participants completed all PHQ-9 and GAD-7 in-app scales


Clinical Assessment 


Health Outcomes

Improved with their depression scores from severe depression to mild to moderate depression


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Rose adds technology to the therapy process, which augments 1-on-1 care and creates a more engaging patient experience.

Proof of Concept Phase – 1 IRB Study

Adherence Of Using Rose Among Patients With Depression*

Adam, A. et. al., JMIR (2020)

*45 participants followed for a 5-week study in a community-based mental health clinic in Baltimore, MD, USA


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