It doesn’t matter where you are, quality mental health care is yours.

Rose is a Remote Patient Monitoring solution that seamlessly helps health care providers stay connected with their patients and monitor their mental health.

Rose engages, empowers, and connects you

to your patients - no matter the distance.

Provider Panel

  • Capture your time delivering remote care for reimbursement

  • View patient data collected between visits to improve efficiency in treatment planning and therapy

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth, appointment scheduling, prescribe educational content

Patient App

  • Gain insight through daily mood and anxiety assessments and journaling

  • Powerful articles, audio, and videos deliver self-help between visits

  • Connect directly through visit scheduling and telehealth


Today’s Mental

Health Care Disparities


Chronic shortages of mental health professionals exist.

More than 60% of rural Americans live in mental health professional shortage areas


Patients often have to travel long distances to receive services, are less likely to be insured for mental health services and are less likely to recognize an illness.


We are different from every other digital health app because we can help clinicians make more money and we have numerous examples that prove the CPT code for Remote Patient Monitoring works

Early Detection

Rose leverages deep tech with our Rose Score for early detection of depression and mood disorder symptoms

How We Help

Rose provides a complete technology platform and tools for evidence-based mental health care for patients, providers, and payors.

Evidenced-guided care

Robust research pipeline fueled by thought leaders in mental health.

Innovative Ecosystem

Early symptom detection through sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing.

Clinical Autonomy

Enhance your practice and in-person therapy sessions in your own way through a safe and secure platform.

Who's Talking About Us


Rose Works!

Phase 1 Study: Adherence of using Rose among patients with Depression


of participants used the Rose app every single day during the 5-week IRB study

of participants completed all PHQ-9 and GAD-7 in-app scales



Improved with their depression scores from severe depression to mild to moderate depression

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We are a complete evidence-based mental health package for patients, providers, and payors. 




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